Project Description

epx cores installations and size

EPX ferrite cores are derived from EP cores specially for pulse transformers in ISDN and ADSL applications. In comparison to EP cores, they feature an increased center pole area and achieve the same AL and THD performance in a smaller core volume. The new EPX designs, complete with SMD bobbin and clip, satisfy the need for slimmer pulse transformers. They are available in the high permeability material 3E6 for ISDN pulse transformers and in the low harmonic distortion material 3E55 for ADSL wideband applications.


  • Increased center pole area
  • Same performance as EP cores in a smaller volume.
  • SMD bobbins and clips available
TypeMaterialLef [mm] *Aef [mm2] *Vef [mm3] *AL [nH/turns2]Gap [µm]µeROHSSpecifications