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UR ferrite cores are suitable for line output transformers (LOT) in TV sets. The round leg allows easy winding, also of strip conductors. Because of the high voltages involved, the round shape helps to prevent corona effect.

EPX Cores


EPX ferrite cores are derived from EP cores specially for pulse transformers in ISDN and ADSL applications. In comparison to EP cores, they feature an increased center pole area and achieve the same AL and THD performance in a smaller core volume. The new EPX designs, complete with SMD bobbin and clip, satisfy the need for slimmer pulse

Multilayer Inductor


Multilayer products are truly miniature components and have connecting surfaces that solder directly to the solder lands on a substrate. The multilayer electrode and terminations are made of silver to ensure high electrical conductivity. The electrode is embedded in a ferrite monolithic structure, which provides a good magnetic shielding and makes it very appropriate for high density mounting.