Bobbin Tool Design

The quality of the finished moulding is not only about choosing the right polymer but alos about the bobbin mold tool design. When precision technical molding calls for tightly toleranced dimension, then professionally designed tooling is needed.

Winshinebobbin has a balanced tool fitted with correctly dimensioned feed system and temerature control, which manufactures defect-free moldings that satisfies your specifications.

bobbin tooling designbobbin tooling design

Bobbin Tool Manufacture

Working closely with sales, design and production departments, technicians at Winshinebobbin have the ability to manufacture precision bobbin mould tools including stand-alone injection mold tools and modular molds, with the help of 3D CAM data that our tool design department provides. Winshine has been in the business of bobbin mould manufacturing for nearly 30 years with the ability to supply defect-free, premium quality and precision mouldings.

On top of injection bobbin mould tools manufacturing, Winshinebobbin is also capable of manufacturing a wide range of customized engineering tooling such as pinning equipment tooling and mandrels for winding machines.

Toolroom capabilities include:

  • CNC Machining
  • EDM Spark Erosion
  • Wire Erosion
  • Surface Grinding

bobbin mould manufacturing bobbin tool manufacturer