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Winshinebobbin is specialized in the design, manufacturer and sales of transformer bobbins and plastic injection components for electronic and electrical applications.

Since 1988, Winshinebobbin has been in the business of thermoplastic and thermoset components in the field of coil bobbins, power tool housings, encapsulation cases, automative plastic parts, medical supplies, etc. Up to now, Our products are used by thousands of OEM manufacturers across a wide range of industries worldwide.

We are able to deliver customized precision-engineered coil bobbins as per your specific requirements. Our manufacturing capabilities and commitment to customers allow us to be a worldwide leader to supply the highest quality products at the most competitive price. Our standard transformer bobbins (SMD, DIP), coil formers, insulation covers, housings and clips are available in a comprehensive selection and sizes to suit a wide variety of users. We work closely with our customers throughout every stage of the development process.

Quality Policy

At Winshine, we are devoted to providing quality technical moldings. Every time customers choose our products, they can be assured that all of our components are designed to the highest industry standards. We are TUV ISO9001, DNV ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificated as well as a UL registered moulder.

Meanwhile, Winshine has a policy of continuous environmental improvement and is dedicated to working closely with both our suppliers and customers to achieve this goal. We are making sure that all of our products will conform to RoHS & WEEE directives, and all moulding materials are certified to comply with REACH directive. As such, we are developing technical solutions such as press fit terminals to remove the need for PCB soldering operations and only utilizing raw materials that meet the directive. Winshine products are manufactured with production processes that do not add or contain the restricted substances as outlined in the RoHS directive

Manufacturing Capabilities

We have 30 experienced and high-skilled engineers and designers working from our production facility in Dongguan along with 200 employees on the payroll. Our molding capacity exceeds 600 million parts per year. We operate 30 mouldingredients machines ranging from 20-200 tonnes and two overmould machines that feature screw injection, thermoset and thermoplastic injection, transfer and compression molding methods.

Our Product Engineering Department is committed to working closely with customers in the design and development of new or redesigned parts. On-site product design using 3D CAD is supported by our own in-house tool room that is equipped with the latest 3D CAM machinery and high precision toolmaking capabilities.

We provide a comprehensive range of value-adding engineering services from polymer selection and component design to tool making, CAD/CAM supported manufacturing, warehousing, proactive stock control and delivery.